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Downloadable Files

PMUBD contemporary logo was designed by the previous President of Student Representative Council 2010/2011 session, Muhammad Nuriskandar bin Md Hasnan, and was used for the first time ever during the 4th Annual General Meeting in 2011.

The Circle represents that PMUBD consists of many Student Councils and Clubs which have a different kind of background ranging from Religious Clubs to International Club. This Circle also represents the members inside PMUBD which have a holistic ability, not only excel academically but also in other extra curricular activities.

The 'PMUBD' text in the middle is used with Monoglyceride Font. The text is similar with UBD's 'Tomorrow, Today' branding logo, which is seen that PMUBD is proudly a part of UBD!

Official UBD Logo

PMUBD Executive Logo

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