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Jan 04, 2021
In Community Hub Rules
PMUBD Community Hub Rules and Regulation 1.1 Selling of educational materials are permitted inside PMUBD Open Market. 1.1.1 Make sure price(s) of the material(s) you are selling is/are clearly stated 1.1.2 Sellers are to provide convenient means of communication. Sellers may put up contact number or email. 1.1.3 PMUBD will not take any responsibility towards unsatisfactory quality or damage of materials. 1.1.4 Sellers are to inform inside the post if item(s) have/has been sold. 1.1.5 PMUBD do not provide regularity or order with regards to means of payment. 1.1.6 PMUBD will not take any responsibility towards loss of money as the transaction inside this open market is solely based on the interaction of sellers and buyers. 1.2 Any post/comments that severs the bond between the PMUBD members shall be removed immediately. 1.2.1 If any site members are to question the actions of any parties inside this Community Hub, please do with professionalism and manners. 1.2.2 Parties being questioned by site members shall then accept and respond with professionalism and manners. 1.2.3 All users inside this PMUBD Community Hub must respect other individuals or parties privacy. 1.3 Any inappropriate, hateful content or any kind of threats shall be removed immediately and are not tolerated. 1.3.1 Inappropriate is hereby to be interpreted as intentions to belittle, defamation, violation of privacy or any kind of harassments towards any parties. 1.3.2 Threats that will potentially danger any parties will not be tolerated and legal actions may be taken. 1.4 Any repeated post (without any changes) is not allowed but we suggest to "bump" the post instead. 1.5 Any concerns with regards to academic matters are welcomed inside PMUBD Community Hub. 1.5.1 Any concerns with regards to academic matters posted inside this PMUBD Community Hub shall be followed with prior research before posting. 1.5.2 Advices on vital academic matters that have something in relation to or will affect one's degree as a result of an action are discourage. This matter should be referred back to qualified entity such as Faculty's Dean, Assistant Registrar, Programme Leader, etc. 1.6 Students’ Etiquette applies in this PMUBD Community Hub 1.6.1 Please be polite when engaging with any PMUBD members and show your respect. Despite of differences in thoughts, ideas and opinions. 1.7 PMUBD Community Hub is to be used solely by valid PMUBD members. 1.7.1 PMUBD Community Hub shall be a safe space for PMUBD members to give inputs for the betterment of our university life, institution, academic and administrations. 1.8 PMUBD Community Hub Ideas and Decisions forum shall be the main online platform for students to have a voice, give new ideas, suggestions of improvements or raise concerns. 1.8.1 PMUBD members are to raise any topics that they feel important and should be acknowledged by Students Representative Council. 1.8.2 Sensitive topics, i.e Malay Islamic Monarchy, is/are to be avoided. 1.8.3 PMUBD members can represent as individual, groups of individuals or any sub organisations in PMUBD. 1.8.4 Any posts inside Ideas and Decisions forum with more than 30 likes or support will be taken into serious consideration by the Students Representative Council and will be included inside the Students Representative Council meeting agenda for the subsequent actions. 1.9 PMUBD Community Hub is moderated and monitored by The Students Representative Council led by Executive of Public Relation Officer. 1.9.1 The Students Representative Council have the rights to remove any posts that are deemed inappropriate as mentioned in 1.2 and 1.3 1.9.2 Spams, irrelevant and copied contents shall be removed by moderators. 1.9.3 Should there be any violation made by users that goes against the rules for this Community Hub, other users are to report to admin or email to 2.0 This rules and regulations should be revised occasionally to keep the platform up-to-date and relevant.


PMUBD Web Developer
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