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2023 IOTM SAFINA's iNterview VIDEO

Host: 21B9017, Nur Rahmah Haziqah binti Mohammad Nazif
(Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Interviewer: 19B2111, Nabilah Assyahirah binti Norman
(Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Video Edited by: 22B9011, Muhammad Nazirul Aiman bin Khalid (Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Written by: 22B6041, Sairul Behanam (Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)


Let us present Norsafina binti Awang Adi, the Community Inspirasee for August 2023. In the Faculty of Science at UBD, Safina is a student majoring in Chemistry.  She is presently trying to get involved with a few UBD clubs. She also makes an effort to participate in other organisations like Kesan, Kelab Komuniti Belia Transformasi (KKBT), and Qaisara Dreams. Her goal is to create hubs, and she wanted to help a lot of people, just as Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said, “The best amongst you are those who bring benefits to many others”. Hence, she would like to use this chance to serve others and improve the community by using her potential to do so.

After graduating from sixth grade in 2020 when she was 19 years old, she began to play responsibilities in the community. Her friends initially urged her to volunteer for Siri Kenali Rasulullah S.A.W. and the club community as part of the KKBT's Biro Keagamaan (Bureau of Religious Affairs). She began to learn more about herself, assist many people, and ventured outside of her comfort zone. She became a mentee of Digital Intellectual Youth's (DIY) Belia Masjid in 2021, and a mentee for Persatuan Kesan in 2022. Since then, she started to become more motivated and to be prepared for her life in college.


Safina also talked about her time management, where she makes an effort to plan ahead by creating a to-do list and prioritising the tasks that must be completed as soon as possible or that are of the utmost significance. Additionally, she puts schoolwork such as report writing, and other presentations first before other groups like KKBT.

She gets up at 5 am every morning. Likewise, she plans her day and creates a list of things to do and writes her schedule on her calendar. She then attended her classes at UBD in the morning. She then starts to allocate time to the tasks for KKBT Biro Keagamaan, which requires her to communicate with everyone and provide them with any relevant information. Her friends noticed her in that circumstance and commented that she is a hardworking woman at the time even though she was battling to balance her studies. Due to this, she appreciates being a part of large groups and discovering how they deal with challenges. She also wanted to know how everyone felt about certain topics, such as how they work together and how they manage occasions like Qaisara Dreams, DIY, and Kesan.

Her need to multitask, or perform two activities at once, was the most difficult component. After that, she registered and sought to split her time. Additionally, she had two activities on the same day. She enrolled in the JENESYS online program while volunteering at Ustazah Asma Harun's “Wanita Akhir Zaman”. However, with the assistance of her friends, she was able to fill up all the gaps she had in the JENESYS online program at that time.


Whenever Safina felt overburdened, she often recalled a verse from the Quran, which is Verse 286 of Surah Al-Baqarah that states, "Allah SWT does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear." She always reads that to herself as her motivation and keeps reminding herself to do what makes her happy, always trust the process and put her faith in Allah. She also mentioned that whatever you do is for Allah S.W.T. and it is beneficial for the afterlife.


In the interview too, Safina mentioned that everyone inspires her daily but there is one particular celebrity that is Neelofa that inspires her a lot. Even though Neelofa is the subject of numerous disputes, she inspires women to be strong and to have faith in Allah S.W.T. and the process. However, she reminded everyone that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is the best representative of all of these individuals and is the ideal role model for us.

Also, Safina shared about her past project where she had worked for the KKBT's Biro Keagamaan as the Secretary in a program called Majlis Negaraku Berzikir. Additionally, her colleagues such as Ka Haliza and Tuan Adi have assisted her with some secretary duties, while her other friends assisted her with volunteering activities too. She then leveraged her prior experience with volunteering to assist with that program.


Furthermore, during the SEA Youth Brunei 2023 event, where she served as the emcee for the first time, was what stands out in her memory. She first lacked confidence in her ability to emcee but her friend took up the challenge of becoming an emcee, reasoning that if she could do it, why could not she?

For inspiration, she reads a few verses from the 


Quran. We shall be led down a road, for example, if she possesses that kind of sabr (patience). Then, when she becomes anxious or distressed she repeats "Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon," which is to be recited when someone has difficulties and is unable to overcome the difficulties.

In the interview too, she said that people around her would characterise her as an inquisitive, diligent, and creative young woman. She frequently sets alarms for after 6 p.m. to concentrate on herself, her family, her routine, and her time with her friends. Also, Safina shared that her parents, her friends from KKBT who send inspirational movies and reels to her, and her best friend who is studying at UTB make up her support network.

Furthermore, her other interests include running, badminton, painting, drawing, and calligraphy, which she is still mastering. Moreover, she plans to plan a major event in five years, which she has in fact already discussed with her friends, where they also want to participate in the largest event in Brunei, such as the Majlis Selawat Maulid or Bandarku Ceria Berselawat, which she solely imagines and plans it. Additionally, they are preparing for their upcoming Program Brunei Berselawat event in September 2023.

In the question and answer session, she shared about two organisations: KKTB and Qaisara Dreams; if people would like to join them to get a headstart on volunteering, you may direct message Safina on Instagram at @nrsfnaaa for Qaisara Dreams, and she will try to get in touch with them. She will share the KKBT link via the WhatsApp app and her Instagram story.


Also, Safina shared about how she conducts daily surveys and spends every evening researching events that she might attend or volunteer for, and sometimes she asks her friends if they know of any events and requests that they email her the links. She typically obtains information from her friends and from an Instagram survey, as well as keeping up to date by following KKBT on Instagram at @kkbt_birokeagamaan to learn more about their events.

Safina too talked about the time where there have been occasions when both the schoolwork and voluntary activity became too much, but she was able to handle it with the help of her friends, just as she did when she attended the JENESYS online program and “Titian Akhir Zaman” by Ustazah Asma Harun. She is thankful for her friends as she received the JENESYS points she was missing and at the same time before going to the programs, she made sure her assignments were all completed.

Safina also shared her goal that she would attempt to be involved in all communities, Insha Allah, even after she graduated one day, especially the ones that always inspire her and keep her going in terms of deen (religion), self-improvement, and self-development. She would try to offer the organisations her complete dedication. 


At the end of the Q&A session, Safina mentioned that even though she had met Neelofa before, she did not get the opportunity to speak with her face to face. Insha Allah, she wants to have another opportunity to do so because there is a lot that she needs to learn from Neelofa as she wants to gain more knowledge in the business field.

Approaching the end of the interview, as a volunteer, Safina advised everyone to “just do what you love to do, and remember that everything you do, including your intention and your studies, is done for Allah.” Also, you must find a means to improve as a Muslim since anything you do for enjoyment or in clubs is only temporary.

Lastly, to all the readers who wish to contact Safina or ask questions about volunteering can go to her Instagram @nrsfnaaa.

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