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Host: 21B1006, Nurul Nabiihah binti Zulsekin
(Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Interviewer: 22B8014, Raihan Amani binti Mohamad Sani
(Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Video Edited by: 20B8082, Imieliana binti Imbon (Website Developmet, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Written by: 21B0010, Sarah Qhairanni Binti Hashim (Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relations Officers)

In the world of academia, some students manage to rise above the rest, not only by excelling in their studies but also by venturing into the uncharted territories of entrepreneurship. Meet Ridhwansabri bin Haji Hashim, a trailblazing young visionary who is making waves as both a dedicated student and a part-time small business owner. Juggling academic pursuits with entrepreneurial endeavours, this outstanding nominee of Inspirasee of The Month is redefining what it means to be a student, proving that passion and ambition know no bounds.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of university life, Ridhwan has forged his path in creating his business called; a business that ignites the flame of creativity and innovation. This enterprise has its uniqueness in the fashion industry by recycling old fabrics and transforming them into trendy, chic tote bags, pouches, sling bags, and more. was created in 2017 when Ridhwan had the desire to make his own pouches inspired by a Korean movie he watched. At first, he made these bags for his own personal uses but after a lot of support from friends and lecturers, his creation blossomed into a flourishing small business that manages on less than a hundred dollars budget. 

His business first gained popularity from Planner Market where he made connections with other vendors. From there, he was able to market his products to other pop-up events whether it be in shops or school fairs. Furthermore, with his connections, he gained recognition from companies to collaborate with him such as Kaimana and Kilang Reroot. They were keen on promoting this talented student as his skill in sewing and his passion for making sustainable products, which have become a trendy topic in our community. With his business recognitions, he also became a mentor for workshops hosted by environmental NGOs. Of course, this is not to say he had not put effort into marketing his products. Through social media platforms and his charm in customer service, he was able to gain an audience himself. His service offers very personalised and unique items that a customer once asked for wedding gifts on her special day.

As a student entrepreneur, juggling schoolwork and his ambitious project may be daunting. However, he manages to balance this through his personal time management. He does his university work in the morning while working on his business at night and even during dusk. Ridhwan has shown great commitment in his studies as well as his passion project that he dedicated his entire routine just to balance his responsibilities. This dedication and his strong connections with other corporations have been one of his greatest strengths.

On the other hand, when asked about his weakness, Ridhwan emphasised that his products require long hours. He spent most of the time sketching out his creations, finding the most suitable materials and then handcrafted his creation to life. Moreover, with the lack of manpower, he will not be able to produce his products on time without prior preparation. Hence, most of his products are seasonal. Other challenges he had to face were trying to meet the demands of customers as well as creating products that were on trend.


However, armed with an unwavering spirit and surrounded by a devoted circle of friends and families, he fearlessly charged through every challenge that stood in his way. His cherished family members and loyal friends played a pivotal role in shaping his triumphant business journey. Endowed with a passion for his craft, his friends provided invaluable second opinions on his creations, while his family's loving hands expertly sewed the products as he prioritised his university pursuits.


During the questions and answers session, Ridhwan wishes that he could create his own design for his products rather than using recycled fabrics. Nevertheless, it is a learning progress for him and one day he will release products with his own designs. He also expresses his enthusiasm for doing workshops and is expecting to do more in the future. He loves interacting with customers and plans to create a YouTube channel filled with tutorials on how to make some of his products. When asked about how to prevent his business from being stolen, he said that having his business registered by the ministry helps him as they gave him guides on copyrights. He further stated that the people there would know how to handle those issues and all he needed to do is report it. Moreover, Ridhwan usually takes inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram in order to get ideas and prevent art blocks.

In a world where students are often confined to the rigid boundaries of academic expectations, Ridhwan shines as a beacon of inspiration. Balancing the world of books with the world of business, he has demonstrated that passion knows no boundaries and that dreams are meant to be pursued. As the campus eagerly awaits the results of the Inspirasee of The Month, there is no doubt that Ridhwan's impact will continue to reverberate for years to come. So here's to the student nominee who is a part-time small business owner - a true visionary who is carving a path to success and proving that greatness knows no limits. 

Students can support his business and know more about it through his Instagram @daun.co_bn.

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