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est. 2020


PMUBD Inspirasee is an initiative by Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer (EMPRO) to appreciate and recognise some extraordinary students who have been proactive, engaging and have made significant contributions in both inside and outside of Universiti Brunei Darussalam.


Chaired by Secretary EMPRO 2019/2020 - Nabilah Assyahirah, assisting her was the former Head of Public Relations Officer - Sarah Maisurah, along with the former Head of Photography department - Syazwan Daniel; the former Vice Head of Public Relations Officer - Hana KJN; the former Head of Videography department - Nabilah Munazah; the former Head of Website Development team - Abdul Aliff Azizi; and two of EMPRO's Public Relations Officer members - Angelina Lee and 'Izzati Hanani. Monitoring the PMUBD Inspirasee was the Head EMPRO 2019/2020 - Afiq Izzuddin.


Not in frame: Sarah Maisurah

The committee members of PMUBD Inspirasee have a total of 6 departments, which are: interviewer, audio editor, article writer, photographer, videographer and website developer. Each plays a different yet crucial role during the whole period of this initiative. On top of that, all committee members had the responsibility to assist each other in conducting background researches on the nominated students.

“Run by Students, For the Students.” - Aside from PMUBD Inspirasee responsibilities, the committee members also have academic responsibilities as normal students of Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Balancing between the initiative and their academics has become a challenge considering the lack of manpower faced by all.


PMUBD Inspirasee pilot run, July 2020

In frame: @sweetcheesebyfrznh & Angelina (interviewer)

By September 2020, a joint-venture was made between EMPRO and Executive of Entrepreneurship (ENTRE) as similar ideas were shared between the two executives. With an addition of committee members, the heavy workload can be equally and fairly distributed amongst the members, which makes the flow of conducting PMUBD Inspirasee become fluent.


PMUBD Inspirasee pilot run, July 2020

Apart from that, committee members also experienced the lack of the proper facility. A main issue with this was finding a suitable venue to conduct the interview. Often, if the venue is not up to standard, it can interfere the whole process from interviewing to the final editing. For instance, when recording the interview at a poor acoustic room, the audio quality becomes affected. Hence, the audio editors will have trouble in producing the final cut of the audio podcast. Another issue would

be the equipment. In terms of the recording, a standard audio recorder is needed in order to achieve the desired quality of the recorded interview audio.

Lastly would be the unpolished skills. As we encouraged the PMUBD members to expand their comfort zone, the committee members had to learn the necessary skills pre-pilot run, such as audio editing and basic capability to interview someone. Not only that, for the pre-existing fundamental abilities that the committee members already learnt before, it needed to be honed further. Particularly in the planning and management area as this was a completely new area they were venturing in. Alongside the unpolished skills, the editorial team encountered an inadequate number of applications that can be used for post-production, which limits the freedom of creativity expressed in the final result. This is due to the fact that the proper software and applications were very costly.

Despite the struggles that each committee members have faced, the team would come together and hold a post-mortem meeting after the end of every Inspirasee of The Month (IOTM) in order to improve the quality for the next IOTMs. This could determine the issues they dealt with during the whole period. Furthermore, the committee members would voice out their concerns as well as giving several feedback which in turn, helped everyone in order to tackle the problems as a team.

After a three-month period of conducting the pilot run between August to October 2020, PMUBD Inspirasee officially started in February 2021.


1.   To encourage the participation and initiatives from PMUBD members for their holistic developments towards human excellence.

2.   Acts a platform to support, appreciate and acknowledge the impactful involvements of PMUBD members within and outside of university.

3.   To inspire the PMUBD members to not only excel in their education but also in their personal developments and involvements.

4.   To encourage more journalism activities within Universiti Brunei Darussalam.


5.   Acts as a part of the PMUBD website contents and utilisation.


There were several stages when conducting this initiative, and it is divided into three different stages as shown:

Stage 1: Inspirasee of The Month

In this stage, PMUBD members are free to nominate an inspirational member for Inspirasee of The Month. When the nominations period are opened, it will be announced via the PMUBD Instagram account, where PMUBD members can nominate either through the Instagram account itself or by sending an email to Inspirasee of The Month is conducted semesterly on February, March and April every semester 2, and August, September and October every Semester 1. For each IOTM, there are  a total of three nominees, where each of them are from a different category.

The three categories in Inspirasee of The Month are:

     1. Leadership Inspirasee

     2. Community Inspirasee

     3. Business Inspirasee

However, there are several criteria which are required in order for the students to get nominated:

Must be a current undergraduate student of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

The nominees must have a cGPA of at least 2.5 and above

Must be able to inspire PMUBD members in both education and personal developments

The nominees must not have any disciplinary problems or corrupted record during their period of study in UBD

  1. They have the leadership capabilities/positions in local/international organisations.

  2. They have a strong set of leadership qualities and skills.

  3. They can interact positively with their team members/employees/clients.

  4. They possess top-tier communication skills among others including their team.

  5. They are confident and showing passion towards what s/he does.

Community Inspirasee category is sub-categorised into the following:

  1. Volunteerism Inspirasee

  2. Spiritual Isnpirasee

  3. Athlete Inspirasee

  4. Creative Inspirasee

Volunteerism Inspirasee

​​S/he is very active with the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), participated in public activities which brings benefit to the society, and is recognised by the public with his or her participations.​

Spiritual Inspirasee

S/he is active in spiritual areas. For instance, they have been involved in the Musabaqah Tilawah al-Quran, recognised by the spiritual committees of the public, and constantly getting himself or herself involved in competitions and any related to this category.

Athlete Inspirasee

Aspect 1:

  • S/he is very active in sports.

  • A part of the Brunei Darussalam’s sports national teams.

  • Has increased the reputation of the country by competing both nationally and internationally.

  • Has increased their former and/or current institutions’ reputations by competing against other institutions and has brought achievements.

Aspect 2:

  • S/he must be someone who has shown passion in the selected sports they are a part of.

  • S/he continues to work to become a better athlete in the specific sport chosen.

  • S/he is able to motivate students as well as their peers to take part in the sport they are in. (e.g. A certified coach or instructor).

Creative Inspirasee

S/he is active in the creative industry and has greatly impacted positively on the world of arts. S/he is also recognisable by the performing arts and/or musical arts and/or recording labels.

  1. S/he runs a Business Products or Services Industries or Consumer Products Industries.

  2. S/he has excellent financial, marketing, product innovation, customer service or employee relations.

  3. S/he has outstanding market performance, critical reception, and customer satisfaction with the product or service to date.

  4. S/he has outstanding innovations which they have initiated, developed or launched in any of the categories below:

    1. Advertising, marketing, and public relations

    2. Business services

    3. Franchising

    4. Industry

    5. Government or non-profit

    6. Manufacturing

    7. Social media

    8. Technology

Business Inspirasee

Community Inspirasee

Leadership Inspirasee

Stage 2: Your Inspirasee

After one year of PMUBD Inspirasee, EMPRO will open voting of two weeks via the PMUBD website after the final IOTM, which is normally in the month of October. Note that only PMUBD members are allowed to vote.

Stage 3: Inspirasee Awards

Once the voting period has ended, the number of votes will be counted, and the data will be finalised. The most inspired nominee from each category will be announced between 5 days to 2 weeks, depending on the situation, and will earn a gift in the form of a trophy from PMUBD. Furthermore, all nominees will be given a certificate for getting nominated as an Inspirasee.

Alongside, all committee members will be given a certificate of appreciation for being part of the PMUBD Inspirasee committee.


With more than 20 members, PMUBD Inspirasee has proven to be a success. Though, the committee members are currently facing new challenges since September 2021 amidst the start of the pandemic - such as conducting online interviews, and determining which method is suitable since the outbreak of COVID-19's second wave - the team remained positive in trying to work as a team throughout the period to date. As of 2022, PMUBD Inspirasee has been solely managed by EMPRO.

To read more on the latest Inspirasee of The Month, you can click here.

Curious to know the people behind the curtains? You can view the committee's page!

Should you have any inquiries on PMUBD Inspirasee or if you are interested in joining their team, please contact  or send them a DM on Instagram at @empro.pmubd.

This has been - PMUBD Inspirasee.

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