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Video Edited by: 20B8520 Rizal Anak Lamat (Website Development, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Interviewer: 22B2161, Zainab Akhtar
(Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)

Written by: 22B8014, Raihan Amani binti Mohamad Sani (Public Relations Officer, Executive of Media and Public Relation Officer)


Our Community Inspirasee for September 2023 is Yura Sri Nur'ain Qaisara binti Abdullah Yura Saiful Bahrin, known to everyone as Qaisara. She is a final year student from the UBD School of Business and Economics, majoring in Business Administration. She has made plenty of contributions to the community through volunteering which she passionately advocates for.


Her interest in volunteering began to develop from 2014 to 2015 where she actively participated in beach clean-ups all over Brunei. Her passion for beach clean-up is due to her concern about climate change as Qaisara is also an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From beach clean-ups, she then started to participate in other forms of voluntary activities, ranging from media, ushering, and logistics.


As of now, Qaisara is a member of the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network Brunei, also known as AYAN Brunei. AYAN Brunei is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on promoting ASEAN identity through advocacy and community. Aside from that, one of her recent volunteering activities is with the Youth Town Hall, where she is part of the logistics team and her job includes organising the banners and audio system, and coordinating with the other people working on that. Another of her recent volunteering activities is for the SDG Youth Dialogue, where she was not only the emcee, but also the designer of the logo for the event. 

In the interview, Qaisara shared that one of the biggest challenges that she faced is that, whilst being a student and an active volunteer, she is also a mother of two. As a mother, she needs to constantly think of her children's well-being. With her busy schedule, she also sometimes needs to find a babysitter for her children. Juggling between her family life, her academics, and her voluntary activities is quite difficult but thankfully she has a loving and supportive family who is always happy to lend her a helping hand. Moreover, her family is a source of inspiration for her as her father, who is one of the leaders of Sukarelawan Belia, is one of the people who inspire her to do volunteerism, and often offered her volunteering opportunities. Aside from that, Qaisara's grandfather was also the founder of Majlis Belia Brunei.


Qaisara says that her strength is her communication skills as she is able to communicate easily with different people effectively. This ensures that the team can work together and no information is lost in between. Through her volunteering experiences, she has learned that different people need to be approached differently. Finding different communication methods is a learning process that she wants to understand better. 

Aside from gaining skills, her volunteering experience has also taught her about the importance of networking. She enjoys mingling with other people and learning about others’ goals and interests. Networking is also important as it provides her with connection opportunities and allows her to get inspired and motivated by other people's ideas. 

Some of her achievements include: being one of the institute representatives, representing UBD in the Pasukan Hari Ikrar Belia, representing UBD in Singapore for the Asian Undergraduate Symposium, and representing UBD in Cambodia for the ASEAN Young Leaders Programme. She will also be representing Brunei for the upcoming ASEAN Youth Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Aside from volunteering, Qaisara's personal goal is to achieve the SDGs in Brunei, especially those aligned with Wawasan 2035. Ultimately, she wants to find a balance between her involvements, her education, and her family. Lastly, her message for everyone is:


“You have to initiate the change and be an active leader in order to foster a better community.”

To learn more about our Community Inspirasee, Qaisara, and her passion for volunteerism, you may visit her Instagram @kaizarugh, or you may reach out to her via LinkedIn at Qaisara Bahrin!

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