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About Us

FIT Union is one of the student bodies offered in UBD. It began in 2014 one year after the Faculty was established, our task is to assist the faculty in handling FIT hosted events and more importantly, to enable FIT students to interact and work with one another despite our packed schedules. 


To lead the FIT students in various activities with the goal of broadening their university experience.


To strengthen relationships within the faculty as well as externally in terms of engagement and contribution to the University.

Aminah Said.png

“Hello, I am Aminah Said, senator of FIT Union 2021/2022. My main goal is to serve as a role model for my fellow engineering friends, encouraging them to remain flexible despite their hectic schedules. Let's make the most of our university lives experimenting with new things and perhaps inventing memories! “

Aminah Said

FIT Union Senator


We might not be the most active student body in UBD; however, we do try to make up to it
with weekly and monthly activities within the members such as jogging, futsal, netball & etc.
We believe having a strong bond between the students is important for the dynamic of the
Union and help enhance the students experience while studying at FIT.