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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ.


‎اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ.


Hello, my name is Qamelya! I am currently the Yang di-Pertua of PMUBD. My responsibilities are to oversee and manage all the efforts as well as activities by clubs under the University’s Students’ Association and Student Representative Council. Official representative of the students of UBD to the university, stakeholders and the public in regards to student’s welfare, comfort and experience all around campus during their year of study in our Universiti.


As the president of PMUBD, I represent the voices of all women, as a woman and all introverts as an introvert myself. These are my two most driving factors as a leader. I want to inspire everyone, especially youth in Brunei and guide everyon-

e not only in the Universiti, but also outside of it to reach our goals of Wawasan 2035.


We, as proud members of the Student Representative Council, have the utmost responsibility to represent, support and enhance the lives of UBD students and provide them with opportunities to grow outside their comfort zone be it in terms of leadership or other co-curricula. PMUBD is owned by the students, where student decisions shape our students' association and we are undoubtedly run by the students, always for the students.

Nur Qamelya Bte Mohd. Rafee
Jerick Yap Raymundo

I am the Vice President of Student Representative Council 2021/2022.  My job is to assist the President on everything and make sure that there is effective communication amongst everyone in order to execute the tasks given with candor.

Deputy Sec. General
Mohammad Haziq Safwan bin Sheran

Deputy-General Secretary acts as the backbone of Persatuan Mahasiswa/i Univrsiti Brunei Darussalam, aiding in the regulations of the PMUBD Constitution in terms of their rules and regulation and in all secretarial work related to the Students' Representative Council from dealing with letters, paperwork, minute of meetings 

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 and reports between the Students’ Representative Council as well as PMUBD members with the Student Affairs Section.

Deputy Hon. Treasurer
Norbatrisyia binti Hirman

Alongside the Honourable Treasurer, she aids in assisting the general financial oversight of PMUBD and the clubs under it. 


She is the Honourable Treasurer's support system: she ensures that all financial related work is completed within the given time and in accordance with the financial regulations and procedures set by the university.In addition, she assists 


all financial applications for budget requests and approvals from the PMUBD budget committee.

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Secretary General
Nur Syaficca binti Soffriana

As the General Secretary of Students’ Representative Council, she is responsible for carrying out day-to-day administrative and secretarial duties for PMUBD. She also knows her way around the rules and legal requirements of the PMUBD Constitution like the back of her hand. If you need to follow-up on any paperwork, applications and official documents submitted to the 

 Students' Representative Council, she has the answer.

Honourable Treasurer
Andy Joshua bin Apollo

As the Honourable Treasurer (Bendahari Kehormat), I am in charge of all financial matters regarding PMUBD, including the management and planning of the PMUBD finances. You may refer to me for any questions regarding sponsorship procedures, reimbursements or fundings for student clubs/councils activities.

Head Executives

Sports & 
Mohammad Wazien Najmuddin bin Abdullah

His vision is to accommodate UBD with quality and potential athletes through supporting clubs and sports to achieve the targets.

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Religious &
 Spiritual Affairs
Mohammad Mu'az bin Haji Roslan

He is the focal person for all religious and spiritual-related activities for the students and staffs of UBD

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Leadership & Innovation
Nuryanie binti Mohd Sallih

Her main goal is to empower more young nation leaders. She hopes to lend a hand in strengthening and growing leadership skills and innovative individuals not only for PMUBD members but youths throughout Brunei.

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International Affairs & Student Ambassador
Wan Mohammad Safwan bin Wan Mohammad Ishak

He is the liaison for international affairs and student ambassador, focusing on UBD international students welfare.

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Muhammad Akmal Hakimie bin Sahbirin

He aims to ensure that events operate smoothly by managing the plans, preparations and logistic arrangements.

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Community Service & Students Welfare
Siti Sulwana Musfirah binti Suaimi

She aims to emphasise welfare and help glorify the initiatives that bring the community closer together to create a comprehensive relationship between UBD and the public.

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Safety, Health & Environment
Muhammad Khairul Aiman bin Erwan

He is determined to ensure the safety of everyone as well as the environment we were at by mitigating any potential harmful risks.

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Arts & Culture
Nur Ajlaa Fahima binti Abdullah Mohamad Asmayuddin

They aim to help cultivate arts and culture in UBD and provide a platform for students to showcase their talents.

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Media & Public Relation Officer
Amiratun Nabihah binti Mohd. Said

She is the liaison officer for any mass media related to PMUBD and deals with public relations, ensuring every information is correct, reliable, and timely delivered.

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Residential College (Female)
Charissa Eve Bina

She is responsible for the safety, comfort and environment of the Female Residential College as well as to welcome the tenants.

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Residential College (Male)
Muhammad Arif bin Haji Suhaili

He is responsible for the safety, comfort and environment of the Male Residential College as well as to welcome the tenants.

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Ak. Abdul Hakim bin Pg. Hamdillah

He is in charge of ENTRE which aids to nurture UBD students to become successful entrepreneurs, in addition to handling PMUBD Shoppe to cater to the needs of the students.