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Wathiqah Khalidi, a second years student from School of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship, is known with her startup business journey called Growing up with her ten siblings, she usually had hand-down clothes from her family members. As a result, her clothes were piling up and Wathiqah pretty sure everybody has the same problem. To declutter and organise her closet, she decided to open up an ordinary thrift store. That was how the idea of gathering clothes from other people came and at the same time will provide a selling platform for them.


As a creative person, fashion is a way she expresses herself. Thrifting and sustainable fashion are what she passionate about. When starting out, she has big dreams and continually thinks about it. Nonetheless, she takes it easy and has fun along the way while opening up opportunities to others. She did not expect this will turn out as a creative outlet for her which she enjoys and genuinely having a lot of fun with. She is happy that know many people get to know about it.


In contributing to the kickstarting this business journey, she said: "You're not supposed to know, you're supposed to learn". She said that an individual is not supposed to know everything at the start. Learn along the way and improve along the way. Personally, for instance, based on her business Instagram posts, she said they can see signs of progress and the updates from this business comparing the first post of hers.



Written by: Sarah

Apart from being active in the business industry, Wathiqah is also involved in the creative industry. "I see art as an escape," said Wathiqah and tell that she had an Instagram account where she posts her paintings and drawings or any art theme during her teenagers back then. Her passion for art was shown since young and where she consistently posted one artwork per week. Her love for art never faded, and that is where she tries to do new things like making a music video, Hanazine. It is her first time in the music industry, and she felt enthusiastic about and had fun when making it. She gets to learn new skill and knowledge from other experts as well as trying further aspect of art.

As a September nominee, what she wanted to  convey to listeners is do not be afraid to start what we want to. As a young person, she understands how her same generation consistently will feel scared in creating or initiating a project. Not knowing about the future sounds daunting, but these feelings are undoubtedly typical for the people of her age. Wathiqah said that once she used to hold herself back when she wants to begin the passions of hers. Her whole idea started during the New Years of 2020. "It is essential to begin even though if you do not know everything," said Wathiqah. Learning and improve oneself is vital along the way similar to quote by Henry Ford, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

When being asked if she had encountered any obstacles whilst planning or during the business, she said during the first stage of it, she felt overwhelmed. Wathiqah had to balance her personal life and personal project. At first, she had to update new collections for every 2 weeks. To satisfies the customers, she was determined to maintain the pattern of her collection releases. Wathiqah has a lot on her plate as a student, and that is when she learns to realise to only cope with what she can first.  She then sought for pieces of advice from people and decided to make more significant gaps between collections. "I believe that quality is better than quantity," she described. When being asked on how is she handling it know, although it is still tiring, somedays are better than the others.


With good friends, partner and support system, it helps her go through tough times. One of them would be her partner and her best friend, Fai who had been assisting Wathiqah since day one. Since she is quite a busy person with school and shoots since morning, he would help her with the workload, and Wathiqah said she appreciates him for being there always. Another significant support systems are the people she met in the School of Business and Economics Student Council. She cherishes them as friends as they had been caring and considerate towards her. They will immediately know if Wathiqah has problems. Other than that, Wathiqah also not to forget to be kind with herself and often be reminded to get enough rest.

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