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Ahmad Syauqie Bin Haji Satia, a 22 years old 3rd-year student, majoring in Sociology in Faculty of Arts and Social Science in University Brunei Darussalam. He is currently the President of a well-established NGO in Brunei called Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT Brunei), organisations since 2011 that strive to become the catalyst for poverty eradication. By helping underprivileged families be more financially stable and economically independent through their initiatives. Syauqie has been a member of SCOT since 2018 and as a Human Resource Officer in 2019. He replaced his predecessor Pg Salimatul Sa’ada, who was the president for three years. He is also currently the Head of Executive of Leadership and Innovation. The reasons he wanted to be part of ELI There is a gap between students in UBD and the wider community when it comes to leadership. Students lack quality leadership compared to other young leaders in Brunei or in any other countries. He wants to bring those leaders and help inspire UBD students to create the leader of today, not leaders of tomorrow. Syauqie is also a member of Global Shapers BSB, which is a global community of young people who strive to create change in the world. Apart from that, he also represents Brunei in several conferences, forums, programmes all over Asia. He did Jenesys and went to Japan in 2017. In 2019, he went to Indonesia to attend ASEAN-Australia young leaders Forum and went to Malaysia to attend Commonwealth Youth Dialogue. In Singapore, he also participated in the Global Corporate Network Singapore Youth Forum. 

In 2015 during the final year of O-levels, he attended a talk called Petra Kucha, a platform to share their stories. Syauqie participated in a talk to support one of his friends which is also a speaker. There, he also met one of the speakers Fatin Arifin, who won several awards for doing incredible jobs for the community. Through her, Syauqie found out there are opportunities to volunteer and give back to people in Brunei; he was baffled and intrigued, which led him to give back and undertake what Fatin Ariffin is doing. Both exchanged contacts, and she emailed Syauqie the opportunity to volunteer in a kitchen in Bandar, Pusat Belia. Syauqie describes his first-time volunteering caused his sparks of interest to do better and significantly. Besides, his leadership experience in 6th Form as a ‘Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar’ (MPP) exposed him to a wide window of leading skills and opportunities. On the other hand, he also did make mistakes as a leader which in the end, he learns and understands the meaning of it.

When being asked what his greatest strength and passion are about, Syauqie believes, in terms of practical skills, is the ability in public speaking.  He joined the public speaking club, auditory competitions where he picks up skills and helps in public speaking. In terms of intangible skills are his ability to connect and engage with people comfortably through a maintained conversation with his social skills. In fact, from experiences and practising, it becomes a strength. For instance, Syauqie enjoys engaging with people, volunteers, beneficiaries, people from over the world with different backgrounds and cultures. By helping others, connecting, and listening to their stories, he also shares his own stories as well. He describes there is uniqueness in being able to connect, going around meeting new people, travel the world and listen to their stories.

Other than volunteerism, youth empowerment is something that he devoted his time too - which has shaped his personality. He was empowered and inspired by amazing people like Fatin Ariffin, his predecessor Pg Salimatul Sa’ada, who was the past President of SCOT, Director of Education in SCOT, Aspadiah. These people empowered and convinced him to believe, practice, and be confident in himself. With these people, Syauqie wishes to be the person who also empowered others so they can realise their potential. He wants to be able to dedicate his time and effort contributing to youth empowerment through a small act of having a one-to-one conversation up to, mentoring a group of underprivileged children in a camp, participate in policy influencing with Brunei youth council, members of parliament representing the youth, or with the minister of youth himself.

to learn from their perspectives and experiences. With these being complementary, it gives a better understanding of his academics, modules and his major. Another example, Syauqie also had the opportunities to fly, volunteer, and attend workshops and conferences in another country. One of the countries that Syauqie works close and quite often with is Cambodia where they teach, help Muslim societies, build wells and schools, and donate bicycles to name a few. He explains how financial aid for the underprivileged sometimes does not work due to kleptocracy and corruption. Talking to citizens gave him more grasp of the meaning of it. With his reading knowledge of studies theories and concepts, he learns how this could be applied and reflect the modern and actual world.

As a matter of fact, in every journey, there will be ups and downs. Syauqie had encountered quite a several obstacles. For instance, external constraints such as not granted permission, the weak response from the public or bad weather resulted in him to postpone an event perhaps. Another type of difficulties is internal difficulties that he faced personally, which are self-doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence, burnout and being complacent. Syauqie mentioned dealing with the external obstacles itself needed skills such as complex problem solving, adaptability, innovation and critical thinking. For example, due to COVID-19 that started during mid-March of 2020, facilities in UBD are closed and were not allowed to be used. As a result, his team needed to find another alternative venue through different people and different sources and in the end, they manage to find a place in Gadong. With his experience doing events, he was not surprised by the boundaries he faced. There are always some issues that will not go as planned, and he added that with these sets of skills, it helped him sort out the problem. For internal obstacles, he keeps reminding himself that he is capable in controlling it. He reaches out and mentions the importance of having a good, secure, and stable support system. The ones who can have your back, being empathy, listen, understand and validate your feelings. Syauqie also reaches out to his mentors and family. “Remind yourself to help others, priorities and help yourself first by removing the obstacles,” he said. One of his advice is, to be honest with yourself because at the end of the day if a person is putting the obstacles in front of them, the person can remove the barriers quite well.

When being asked to share who his support system are, he mentions his loved ones, closest circle, old friends from year 7 and some from year 5 who are still in contact and pretty close, friends. Help him to release stress and to chill with, nothing serious, having a good laugh and make him feel refreshed and young again. Another group of 4 friends where they met during 6th from in Maktab Duli and UBD, they were there during ups and downs and had an understanding among them, giving the best advice and comfort as well as validating each other's emotions when someone felt burnout or stress. He describes it as the core support system where he can talk to a more emotional level. Other friends are from SCOT and ELI friends where they work together in volunteerism and leadership. They will be there to help and understand him while going through it. They help reignite his passion. Plus, his family where he describes as his safe space and those people who always remind him, especially his mother, that he is still young and capable of making mistakes and has a long journey ahead. His father tells him to be a man, shows the meaning to be a father that supports the family, and his siblings where he gets reminded of how he grew up and his roots. His school friends around the world still connected. Every single person along his journey are his support system helps him in every way, and he shows how he appreciates every one of them.

regarding poverty. Throughout the three years, this issue was improved by the establishment of Sistem Kebajikan Negara that centralised all the government agencies providing financial aid. He also hopes young people to stand up, have a proper voice influencing, be decision-maker, more young people to be in power to help cultivate a healthy and conducive environment for the new generation to grow.

“Get up; do something. You can’t change the world if you don’t change yourself. Don’t be afraid with what lies ahead if you do these things,” he said. Syauqie hopes that the listeners would convey their feelings and courage into practical action whenever they get the inspiration while listening to Inspirasee stories.

In the early years of his active volunteerism, Syauqie realises he did not have quite a balance between academics and outside activities. “Volunteerism and leadership outweigh my academics, but after entering university, I decided to give a balance”. Despite that, he added that he loves to learn and gain knowledge as well as broaden his horizons. Therefore, to enhance that Syauqie decided to major in Sociology; study of the society, the people around us, why community is the way it is, different perspectives in viewing a community. Syauqie explains volunteerism is not as simple as giving food to the underprivileged, cleaning up beaches, he will always try to connect and engage with beneficiaries as best as he can. He learns, reads, and does essays in sociology related to social stratification or inequality in society, for instance. But through volunteering, he talks to the families and beneficiaries; he managed 

In terms of volunteerism, Syauqie focuses on poverty eradication since 2017 where he hopes that he will leave impacts by the little actions such as educating, inspiring, and helping underprivileged children to realise their potential to be better. In terms of the policy, he hopes for a proper official poverty line to educate people 

Syauqie thinks that as a person living in Brunei, lives are usually planned for the students and are put into a box. His hopes and goals in future as a sociology student, there is no vivid career path for him. Syauqie feels, in terms of career, it is indefinite and broad with what he wanted to do as there are so many possibilities in every industry such as educator, Human Resources in a company, communications, or general government job. He hopes that he will be happy, stable, and content with what he is doing.

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