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Siti Raudah Hj Borhanuddin is currently in her third year of studies in UBD. The 21-year-old Faculty of Science student is majoring in Biology. She was the senator of FOSSB for the 2019/2020 academic year.


Siti Raudah stressed that her leadership journey began with her will to improve herself. She was one to share her thoughts and opinions to her close friends only but not aloud in a room full of people. Thus, when she was elected as the Senator of FOSSB, she felt hesitant and doubted herself as she felt that her lack of experience in public speaking and expressing her ideas to a large group of people will hold her back. However, with the support and encouragement from her friends and seniors, and the realisation that she can help others who were like her to be more confident in speaking up, she managed to overcome her doubts.


“I believe that the relationship between a leader and the team they lead is very important,” stressed Raudah when asked about what she felt was the greatest strength that helped her throughout her leadership journey. She explained that she aspires to be a people-oriented leader; not one that is feared by others. She believes that collaboration with her team is very crucial in achieving her goals. Additionally, emphasised the importance of being a likeable leader so the people she leads will perform the tasks for their own personal development and not merely for the sake of pleasing her.

When asked about the challenges she has encountered during her leadership journey, Raudah made a point on how it is necessary to improvise and be able to think on your feet. “During events, unexpected things beyond our control may happen,” stated Raudah. In instances like this, Raudah will gather her team members for an urgent short meeting in which everyone is encouraged to give their opinions and come up with alternative plans. After every FOSSB event, a post mortem meeting was also conducted to reflect on what went well and what can be improved.


Aside from being the ex-Senator of FOSSB, Siti Raudah has been practising taekwondo since she was 7 years old. In 2013, she became a member of a now-defunct taekwondo club. As she was older and experienced, her taekwondo coach requested her to assist with training the children who were new to taekwondo. Her duties included coaching children for junior taekwondo competitions and ensuring that the children were fully prepared, i.e had their gears on, did their stretches properly before any taekwondo session to minimise injury. She hit another milestone in 2018 when she joined the national taekwondo team. The opportunity allowed her to compete in the Korean Embassy Cup that was attended by international taekwondo clubs from Sarawak and Labuan; as well as other local taekwondo clubs. She managed to win a medal in the event she participated in. Currently, she is not active in the martial art as she is busy with her studies and internship but she hopes to train again when the opportunity arises.

The same year she joined the national taekwondo team, she also enrolled in her first year of studies in UBD. She admitted that her first two semesters in UBD was very busy, as she had to juggle between her training sessions, academic assignments as well as being an active member of FOSSB. In order to manage her time, she strived to work on her assignments early before they piled up but there had been times when she had to skip her training sessions.


Raudah credits her friends for being supportive of her, especially in times of need. When she had stage fright and self-doubt during the rehearsal for  FOSSB appreciation night, her friends encouraged her and during the actual speech, they cheered for her. Her siblings and partner have also been important support systems that she is grateful for.

As she has stepped down from her FOSSB Senator role, she hopes that her contribution during her stint has made a positive impact on the student body. Additionally, she hopes to continue to be a better leader in the future.


“A leader is an influencer. You set an example for your people to follow; you show them what’s possible. It is the action that matters, not the position,” said Raudah wisely.

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