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Jehan Wasli, a 22-year-old UBD alumni, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, minoring In French is the Creative Inspirasee for November. Oh, and he loves water!

Jehan has always seen himself as a celebrity every time he looks at himself in the mirror. He took pride in being pretty and funny and with such confidence he was able to venture in the creative industry. His creative endeavours started when he first got into UBD and applied for ‘Drama skills for effective communication’ as his breadth module where his acting skills had entertained people.

Making people laugh, feel happy or feel touched is what Jehan loves about entertaining people. He wants to make an impact to the community with his expressiveness whilst getting his message across. He is passionate at what he is doing what as he is able to be expressive and entertaining at the same time.


Jehan has always dreamed to be DJ. He reminisced his trip to the DST building as a kid where they visited the DJ booth for One of the DJs recommended the kids to try out and Jehan volunteered and found it really fun. Once the session ended, Jehan was the only one interested to stayed back to ask questions about a career as a DJ. His career as a DJ in Progresif Radio kickstarted when one of the officers in UBD offered an audition and training under UBD, where luckily he was chosen for it. Jehan wants to bring his brand through radio and make people entertained while enjoying music in the radio.

Aside from his DJ gig, Jehan is currently working as a business development associate and digital consultant in a local creative company. His work allows him to provide creative ideas and advices to establishments ranging from government and corporate to start-ups. He is also doing a lot of screen and theater acting, currently working on a project with UBD PAC. He also models for photoshoots with a lot of photographers. In the future, he might launch a fashion brand. He is super excited of what seemingly a rough 2021 has in store for him.

Having a pretty face, good sense of humour and long legs are what he thinks as his best traits. However, his greatest strength would be the ability to be able to be tough-skinned whilst being expressive. Most Bruneians that are expressive are usually shunt down as they are just way above the margin from people’s comfort zone. Being tough-skinned means that even if he gets negative criticism that are not constructive, he will continue to go as his own. He believes that if he can do it, other people can do it as well. He admits that he is very kind and has a heart of gold, jokingly, he said if there was an old lady crossing the street, he would help her, take a selfie and post it on his Instagram to inspire people.

When asked about how he balanced his time, he honestly does not know how he managed to survive. Nevertheless, he always prioritise his mental health and physical health first, then comes his studies, his creative involvements, and lastly, his part-time work as a barista every weekend. Everytime he wakes up, he will prioritise in doing what he had to do first. However, he will catch a break if he needs to. To Jehan, it is always about priorities.

“Always priorities yourself before others and always be kind to yourself.”

When asked about his grades, he thinks that they are enough. He is very proud of how he managed his studies. He had to juggle his studies, creative work whilst having to pay rent and food as he was living alone.

He always had obstacles coming at him every semester, whether it be during add-drop week, rough patches with his friends, burnt out of his creative juices, having a busy schedule to not be able to do anything creative and even a heartbreak. Nonetheless, the biggest obstacle he encountered was himself. It is inevitable to have a creative creator as a healthy competition in the creative industry. However, people tend to compare creators and most times it takes a toll in Jehan’s mentality and mindset. Sometimes he takes it negatively where he would not bother to start on his projects if the other creator would do a better job anyways. He overcome these negative thoughts with a change of mentality and mindset. He thinks objectively and weighs the pros and cons. People that have helped him go through these obstacles include his mom that act as his backbone all these while, people from UBD PAC, his workmates and friends from high school that has been with him in his lowest and highest. As much as he wanted to say that these people are his motivation, Jehan is his own motivation.

“For you to achieve great things in your life, you need to be your own motivation, not others.”

He jokingly said that he wanted to be super rich in the future. Nevertheless, his goal is to make one difference. During his generation, at the age of 17-18, he didn’t have anyone to look up to, people who he thinks are self expressive, people who diffuse the line of comfort zone. When he thought of that, he stepped up and he sees people who are younger, more self expressive, more opinionated, more educated making a mark for themselves. He pushed himself so much to inspire people so that if “Jehan can do it, I can do it.” He wanted push even further. He doesn’t want people to go through the struggle that he went through.
Jehan’s advices to the aspiring creatives, is to not do the creative stuff for other people and acknowledgement. He emphasized to always do it for yourself. Always be sincere in whatever you do. Always do things with your sincerity so whatever happens, you know it is going to be because of your effort and not anyone else.

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