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Written by: Zarifah

Hasanol Basri is a 3rd year Faculty of Science student majoring in Chemistry. He is the man behind Basri’s Burger, a home-based business created back in June of 2020 which may be more widely known as Currently, Hasanol is heavily involved in the Innovation and Incubation Project as part of his Discovery Year Programme (DY) where students create their own start-up business and innovation enterprises. Basri’s Burger had started already even before his Incubation involvement; however, the continued success of the business was largely attributed to the experience and knowledge gained under the Incubation Project. 

The creation of Basri’s Burger was triggered by the urge to fill up his free time in the midst of the pandemic when there was little to do as shops were still closed and people had few options on where to go. Hasanol described Basri’s Burger as a product of innovation from his family as he has high regards for them especially his grandfather who is his main inspiration. His grandfather was widely renowned for his “cendol Hj Metali'' which has a long history dating back to over 50 years ago and has helped his grandfather provide for his 14 children, he learned many lessons from his grandfather but the biggest takeaway was how he was taught to live moderately and for that he is grateful. On the subject of family, the entrepreneur also said being involved in business runs in the family as the aptitude for business has been grown within him with his father and uncles managing their own catering company and his cousin’s venture in a variety of food and beverage lines. 

When asked how he managed to start Basri’s Burger despite the heavy competition in the burger business, Hasanol explained that he has prior experience in managing a business as he has already started a small business back in 2012 during school holidays in December and the fasting month. In his first business venture, he remembered selling homemade burgers, Roti Johns, kebabs, shawarma and much more. However, he admits that Basri’s Burger was a hasty, last minute plan done just to fill up his time and earn extra income which he expected to drop soon to instead focus on his DY. Despite the rather low initial expectations towards his business, Basri’s Burger was received very well by the public and managed to garner quite a large following on Instagram so he chose to pursue the business further by joining the Incubation project. 

According to Hasanol, time management is the most important part in organizing a business, participating in extracurricular activities and staying committed to your studies. By setting up a proper time schedule for each commitment and sticking to it you can achieve many things. Aside from that, keeping his motivations in mind also helps in overcoming the challenges he faced. Some of his main motivations include the financial gain which allowed him to spend on his family without depending on the allowance from UBD, seeing the satisfaction of his customers from enjoying his handmade dishes as well as his own passion for cooking. These are also the reasons that make all his efforts feel worthwhile. 

In terms of the goals which he hopes to achieve, Hasanol aims to expand his business and establish the name of Basri’s Burger by making frozen patties which will be supplied to supermarkets around the country in the effort to sustain the business for the long term. The desire to accomplish such big goals goes back to his wish of making his family proud by
honouring the family’s legacy and boosting the family name. While for his studies, he is working hard towards graduating with at least a second upper class degree despite how hard it might be Hasanol is confident in reaching his goals as he still has enough time until his final year. 

Lastly, as the October Business Inspirasee, Hasanol would like to tell all the upcoming entrepreneurs to gather the courage to start their own business and take risk in experimenting alternative ways to make their own business standout as we never know what it might lead to. In addition, he urges everyone to not be afraid of failure as we can learn many ways to improve ourselves from them and through that is how we can actually succeed. 

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