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About Us

EKK is an executive of PMUBD that handles anything related to Islam in the university. EKK ensures our principles and actions is held up and referred to Islam and makes sure every student of UBD know and align themselves to what Islam teaches us, especially the Muslim students in UBD. Moreover, EKK is also the head organisation for four different clubs which are Muslim Youth Club, Quranic Generation, Hadrah Club and KDNDT (Tausyeh, Dikir and Nasyid); all these clubs aim to provide a platform for the students to engage and get to know Islam as a whole with hopes it makes us closer to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.


To lead others and oneself closer to Allah with the guidance of Al-Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah.


‘Menuju Redha Illahi.’ 
“Towards seeking Allah’s pleasure/redha”


To build a strong ukkhuwah and, together, reach the goal of being a person/muslim of Imaan and taqwa.

Organisational Chart (21/22)

Head of Executive
Mohammad Mu’az Bin Haji Roslan

Vice Head of Executive
Siti Noor Dzukhairah Binti Haji Ibrahim

Nur Shazliana Hannani
Binti Jamil

Vice Secretary
Norhazimah Binti Amri

Rabi’ah Nabilah Binti Muhammad Roslan

Vice Treasurer
Siti Nurin Jazlina Binti Muhammad Dany

Head of Media
Wafa Qashrina Binti Wasli@Rosli

Media Team
Nur Mahirah Haziqah Binti Mahmood

Nurul ‘Izzah Binti Saiful Azhar

Muhammad Firas@ Muhammad Faid bin Khairussyakirin

Head of Logistics
Mohammad Fairuz Faridudin Bin Abdullah

Logistics Team
Mohd Akmal Nazri Bin Md Ali & Ahmad Bazli Bin Muhammad Bahrin


Islam Aspiration Week

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