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UBD Zumba Club serves as a place where it will help you to sweat to be fit and healthy by dancing. Zumba is a fitness exercise that incorporates Latin and international music; dance and aerobic movement creating an exhilarating and exciting fitness program. Dancers and non-dancers are welcome to experiences doing Zumba and do not feel intimidated by the movements because the steps are easy to follow. Zumba Club wanted to take the time taking care of students physically and mentally. Physically, the clubs provide fitness exercised to boosts heart health, weight loss, better posture and less muscle tension or soreness. While, in terms of Mentally: the upbeat songs and fast- paced dancing can help aid your stress and anxiety away. Lastly, Zumba help the participants leave the class feeling happier due to energetic exercise.


Zumba Club aims to encourage students the opportunity to have fun while exercising together with other cohesively. It is also to motivate students in having a healthier lifestyle and encourage them with doing more productive activities especially to the students who wanted to enjoy and shake the tension away. We hope that there will be more new people joining the club and our activities. The club will continue to work harder towards helping in building a healthier community. 


Affifah Alawiyyah Binti Haji Azlan (19B8063) - President 

Nurul Hazanah Binti Hj Morsidi (19B0222) - Vice President 

Nur Izzati Karmila binti Abdullah Asmadi (19B8052) - Secretary 

Liyana Liyana binti Zulkifli (19B9512)- Assistant Secretary 

Siti Nurul Ismahani Barizah binti Chuchu (19B8101)- Treasurer 

Nurul Nabilah binti Rosman (19B8026)- Logistic 



Image 1.2 Interfaculty Sport Meet 2021, photo taken by @bpmFASS

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