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The UBD Sharks Rugby club has two divisions based on the activities we offer: Contact Rugby and Touch Rugby. Contact Rugby is an intense sport that involves moves such as tackling, lineouts and scrums to win possession of the ball and to score more points than the opposing team. Touch Rugby involves minimal contact with the act of a "touch" used to tag an opposing player to stop them on their tracks, while also using the same rules borrowed from contact rugby such as passing only behind or sideways. The sport is great for all sizes and is a sport that relies heavily on communication, teamwork and awareness.


  • To encourage players to lead healthy and fit lifestyles.

  • To boost confidence and teamwork skills.

  • To forge bonds among fellow players and the rugby familt is filled with many brothers and sisters of different backgrounds that share the love of the sport.

  • To encourage the growth of the sport in Brunei.


  • Weekly Touch Rugby Sessions

  • National Touch Rugby Tournaments with other clubs and Higher Institutions.

  • Friendly Touch/Contact Rugby Matches with other clubs.

  • National and International Contact Rugby Tournaments.

  • Annual team building activities.

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