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Dodgeball was founded and established in Universiti Brunei Darussalam in 2013. It is a fast-paced game; and is commonly played by people of all ages, genders, skills and abilities. 


In a game, a team of 6 people will go against another team of 6. The basic rule is to knock out the opponents until there is none left, only then a particular team will win. The ways of “killing” the opponents are by throwing the balls to them or catching their balls. Further details and information will be explained during the sessions. 


Even though it is an intense game, players will find enjoyment and elements of surprise as each game is unique. However, players’ safety will be the club’s main priority.


Apart from exposing the students to curricular activities in the university, the UBD Dodgeball Club aims to increase the stamina, ability and agility of the students in performing sport activities and may act a place for the students to alleviate stress.


The club also aims to raise the status of dodgeball not only in Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) but also nationally. The dodgeball club also aims to produce competitive players that have excellent physical skills, mental skills and social skills to become an asset to the university and the dodgeball association in the country.



Nur Afrina Joffre @ Hj Rozaini

Vice - Chairperson

Nur Farzanah Hj Shufian

Secretary 1

Secretary 2

Muhammad Asfa Haziq bin Ali

Ak. Md Haziq Nabil Ahza bin Pg Abdullah


Ak. Md. Hamzah bin Pg. Shamsudin

Welfare 1

Nurul Faizeemah Shafiqah Abdullah Faizal


Nisa Sakinah Haji Jofri

Welfare 2

Nur ‘Afini Adibah Haji Hasnan