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Basketball Club is a team sport where two teams go against either 3on3 or 5on5, comes with 5 different positions, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, followed by Center. It is also a place where players can learn, grow and enjoy as it brings everyone that comes from different perspective as a whole to be better, no matter if it's a newbie or a pro, where the love for sports is genuinely present both on and off the court.


●       To increase the potential of basketball players in Brunei.

●       To expand the exposure of members of UBD Basketball Club to play at a national or higher level.

●       To help UBD students that are new to basketball to learn fundamental skills and help them improve to become a basketball player.

●       A chance for UBD students to perform and showcase their talents on a professional stage.

●       To provide additional motivation for UBD students to improve and to recognize sports in UBD.


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- Weekly Basketball Games (3x3 or 5x5)

- Basketball Tournaments with other clubs and higher institutions

- Team Training and building activities

- Friendly Basketball games with other teams and clubs.

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