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Kelab Bola Sepak

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About us

UBD Football Club offers two variations of football within UBD, the classic eleven-a-side football game as well as the smaller five-a-side futsal game. Both football and futsal are popular sports played by billions around the world, focusing mainly on character, hard work, communication and leadership. UBD Football Club aims to help find and train future footballers, to further develop their skills and ensure they reach the full capacity of their abilities and potential as well as to further promote the ‘beautiful game’ to future generations.


• To encourage players to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.
• To help build leadership and teamwork skills as well as to encourage sportsmanship.
• To build connections between footballers to share tips to become better players.
• To become a building ground for people interested in playing football.
• To further develop and hone the skills of future footballers to reach their full potential.

Committee Members

1. Muhammad Norashdan bin Muhammad Roslan (Chairperson).
2. Ak Saiful Zafri bin Pg Zaini (Vice Chairperson I).
3. Bagus Imanda (Vice Chairperson II).
4. Mohammad Wazien Najmuddin bin Abdullah (Secretary).
5. Mohammad Waiz bin Mohammad Hamdani (Treasurer).
6. Mohammad Amalulizat bin Haji Ismail (Head of Media and Design).


• Weekly football and futsal sessions.
• IPT Football Tournaments with other higher institutions.
• IPT Futsal Tournaments with other higher institutions.
• Weekly training sessions with certified coaches (TBC).

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