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Chess club committee group photo.JPEG
Chess club committee group photo.JPEG
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The club comprises of social, instructional, analytical, and thoroughly competitive where PMUBD members collectively gather together to play over the physical board of chess. This club was re-opened as opposed to created, due to the fact that this club was inactive years ago as players were trained and sent to ASEAN University, thus members of the club lessened and hence the interest in continuing the club depleted.

Chess is one of the oldest and popular board games that is played between two players, placing their pieces on a checkered board, one move per time for each player’s move. The goal of the game is to capture the king of the opponent.


  • To encourage students to embed the passion of playing chess throughout their university life

  •  To showcase the entertainment of playing chess in a real-life board game in contrast to online board game

  • To properly understand the positional and tactical play of chess

  • To educate students ways of problem solving, decision making and time management over a board

  • To promote chess as a sport where the game has a sense of social interaction that builds up the community, an appropriate way of making new friends and bond with people from all walks of life


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