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Villa Layla Post-production 2.jpg
Villa Layla Post-production 2.jpg


The Performing Arts Club (PAC) is a home for those who have the passion for performing arts. We welcome any talents, be it acting, singing, or dancing. However, the stage of PAC is not only limited to astounding performers, but also those who are passionate in the technical and management aspects of the performing arts industry. Our doors are open to anyone: from people who share the same interest to those who are just looking for a place to learn new skills! Together, we can learn many skills, gain new experiences, and make new friendships.


It is a tradition of the club to have a production during each semester, without a doubt giving the audience a unique experience each time. Not only do our members perform in UBD, we actively get invitations to participate in events outside the university as well.


  • As there is an immense amount of talented individuals in the university, the Performing Arts Club aims to promote fresh talents while giving them exposure to the performing arts industry.

  • The club also aims to provide its members an insightful experience not only in the performing areas but as well as the technical and management aspects of a theatre production. These experiences can provide the students a taste of what it would be like to work in the performing arts industry.


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Villa Layla 

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