EIASA Welcoming Night {ARTICLE}

EIASA Welcoming Night

1st February, 2020

Written By: Nur Farzanah & Sarah Maisurah

University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) is a well-known university, not just due to to their academics and being the top 100 in Asia, but also because of their various types of events; one which was held on 1st February 2020, Saturday, named as ‘Welcoming Night’, at Institute of Health Science (IHS) Extension Building, Concourse Area, UBD. The event was organised by the Executive of International Affairs and Student Ambassadors (EIASA). 


EIASA is an executive under UBD, which is responsible for the well-being of the international students throughout their studies in UBD whether it is short or long term. According to Mas Zuleiqa Nasoha Haji Mohammad, the Head of EIASA, one of their main projects that is regarded as the backbone of EIASA is the Buddies, as these 'buddies' are responsible to manage the International students' needs and necessities; which will hence, in time, create a strong friendship between the buddies and the students.


Moreover, as EIASA’s main mission is to make the International Students feel at home, and as 2020 draws in new students from different countries, the executive hence organised the ‘Welcoming Night’ event to welcome all the new international students into the university. “It is an event where the international students have the opportunity to mingle with other UBD students,” conveyed Zuleiqa Nasoha, Head of EIASA, during an interview, “so when after this night is over, they know some people from UBD.” EIASA’s Welcoming Night is organised every semester, where for each semester, different themes are fitted for the event; and as for this semester, the theme was ‘Royalty’, where it was mentioned by Zuleiqa that this theme is a unique way to showcase one’s tradition.



Before the event commenced, Surah Al-Fatihah was recited by Awangku Muhd Faizzuddin Pg Tejuddin, which was then followed by the opening ceremony of the event, where opening remarks to welcome the guests to the event was delivered by Mas Zuleiqa Nasoha. This was then followed by an opening speech by the Guest of Honour, Awangku Baharudin Pg Razak. Subsequently, a short session for a group photo of the Guest of Honour, President of PMUBD and Head of EIASA was held together with the rest of international students. After that, the night show started with an opening performance by ‘Kelab Orkestra Gulintangan Varsiti’ from UBD. The night continued with refreshments being served for the guests during dinner, where the foods were brought by the guests (International and UBD students) themselves as a traditional potluck-based dinner meanwhile the local students bring local Brunei cuisine as well to promote the exchange of culture between different countries.


Concurrently, the night continued with a series of performance by Dance Culture Club and singing performance by Auni Zakaria. Even more, other shows were presented by ‘Kelab Orkestra Gulintangan Varsiti’ and The Oman students. Not to mention, another performance from international students such as dance performance by Riku Moriee from Japan and another solo performance by Gamal Keviin and a duo by Sintia and Deni, all three from Indonesia.


Eventually, before the night ended, prize presentations were done where the best performance award was won by Riku Moriie and winners for the Best Dress were won by Gamal Kevin Alega and Dayangku Afrina Zahiah P. binti Pg M. Alexander SP. Lastly, the event wrapped up with a final group photo session together with Guest of Honour, the committee and international students. The event finished with ecstatic smiles and satisfaction for both international and local students, as confirmed by several guests, including Adlina Misli, a first-year local student who said, "I felt a very friendly environment throughout the event"; and an International student from Japan, Hiroshi, "This gives me and my friends opportunities to see the beautiful side of Brunei and to grow stronger bonds with the local students". Hence, with that, EIASA hopes that the bonds and friendship between local students and international students stay strong not only during that night but also in the near future to come.

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