Anatasya khairunnisa binti ajun nurain

2021 IOTM - Tasya's Podcast
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Anastasya Khairunnisa, a 2nd year Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences student majoring in Sociology who goes simply by Tasya is the proud owner and powerhouse of Pastries Fairy, a business that is currently on the rise. Aside from baking, the 20-year-old also acts, models and enjoys watching anime although she does not consider herself as a sporty person, she also loves going swimming and playing badminton.

Tasya's business goes back to when she was in her Sixth Form years where everything started with her bringing a batch of her brownies to share with her friends at school. Her friends praised her brownies and gave her the brilliant idea of selling them as at that time there weren’t  many people baking brownies. She had a slow start as she began to gradually gain reputation for her baking goods by bringing cookies to school and handing them out to her friends until her first sale. The first customer was a friend who asked her to bake for a family event and wanted to pay for it. As a result of that, she received good reviews from the friend's family which motivated her to consider starting her business seriously. After consulting with her mother who has experience running a business, she was encouraged to pursue her passion for baking. Eventually after sitting for her A'levels, Pastries Fairy finally came to be as she created the Instagram page in February of 2019. Tasya accredited her family and friends for supporting her to start her business as they were the ones who helped spread the word around. Through word of mouth and the power of social media, the business garnered more and more followers to what it is now. 

When questioned on what inspired her to start this journey, she attributed it again to her family and friends as well as her love for baking and cooking. Tasya went on to express how she finds satisfaction in giving people her handmade food and seeing them enjoy it.  Her persistence is what she claims to be her greatest strength in keeping her business running as she is not one to give up even in the face of adversaries that come by. While her skills in marketing is also said to be a remarkable strength in itself as she likes to communicate with people. Despite that Tasya still experiences fears and worries over starting new projects just like any other young entrepreneurs, there are many aspects to consider with all the competition and ongoing pandemic that affects her supplies of ingredients as well as packaging. She is always thinking of ways to be unique and making sure her products are purchasable as at the end of the day, she is taking a risk with every new project. 

The multitalented baker is also involved in acting as she was part of the main cast in UBD’s very own Performing Arts Club (PAC) recent stage production called Villa Layla where she played the role of the oldest daughter of Mama Layla. Tasya described the experience as one of her most memorable moments as she got to be on stage playing a character who she would say was the opposite of her. The feeling of ecstasy from performing and seeing her loved ones there to support filled her with a sense of longing for acting as many people came to watch her on stage and showered her with compliments, flowers and chocolates. During her short involvement in PAC, she made many new friends who now feels like family to her. Trying to juggle between school, extracurricular activities, personal life and a business may sound overwhelming to many but the young entrepreneur says that she is able to stay on top of everything by planning and thinking ahead. Tasya sets up alarms and reminders throughout the week to keep her schedule and budget organized. Although, not everything can go as planned such as, when her baking does not go as she expects. She recalls the time where she accidently dropped a tray of brownies after a long day of being a vendor but from that incident, she learnt to be more prepared and cautious. 

As for her plans for the future of her business, Tasya claimed that after finishing UBD, she would love to open up a shop. An aesthetic place where people can sit down, enjoy western desserts and take pretty pictures. However, she also hopes to continue her studies towards a Master’s degree in Bangkok so she remains undecided whether she can still carry on with Pastries Fairy while studying overseas. She plans on pursuing a Masters degree in family planning as she has set her mind on becoming a counselor or a teacher because she knows how some families are not as perfect as they seem, she wants to help families who face domestic problems in hopes that she may be able support their children even beyond school.

As the inspirasee of October, Tasya has some advice for those who are thinking of starting or facing stagnancy in regards to business. She emphasized the importance of connection in business, one needs to know how to carry themselves to be approachable and put yourself out there. Learning how to accept criticism is also crucial as there will always be room for improvements, ask those close to you for their honest opinion as they will always want the best for you. 

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